Kyle Godfrey-Ryan is the Founder of Tune.Studio. She began an alternative-health private practice in 2011, specializing in transformational wellness programs that combined nutrition, exercise, meditation and the use alternative practitioners.

She created programs with up to 5 other specialists in each modality to transition her client’s health though a wide range of illnesses, including heart disease, anxiety disorders and early childhood developmental issues. Kyle then when onto create a sub-set of her practice that focused solely on happiness-based feedback loops that helped the body and mind re-align to a state of flow and ease in everyday life. For the past decade, Kyle has been studying a variety of health-related fields from the neurology of the micro-biome, reiki, nutrition, meditation and shamanism.

She also has created, taught and hosted dozens of workshops and retreats in NYC. Once discovering infrasonic wave technology, Kyle decided to scale down her private practice and focus on a way to create frequency sets that put the body into a state of happiness and flow. Her goal was to rapidly re-align the body to a positive state and release the chains of stress that ravage the system; this felt like the synthesis of all her passions. In September of 2017 Tune.Studio first opened its doors in NYC and plans for LA, SF and MIA are in the near future.



After receiving an undergraduate degree in International Relations, Jasmine directed her attentions to understanding the reasoning behind decision making and the role the individual plays during the process. As a result, she obtained her Yoga Teacher Certification from Green Monkey Yoga in 2014 with the intent of bringing mindfulness into the workplace.

Working for lululemon for over three years has developed Jasmine's passion for identifying the link between leadership development, company culture and financial performance. Assigned to Miami, Paris and New York City, she focused on building a brand presence through grassroots marketing and people acceleration.

Combining her education and work experience, Jasmine uncovered the importance of self-awareness within various disciplines of thought, study, and application. This analysis led her to incorporate these influences into Human Resource development and strategy in both work and theory.

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