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Our mission is to reset the human baseline through 15min sessions of medical-grade sound healing. We leverage technology backed by 35 years of research by the National Institute of Health (NIH), Mayo Clinic.


People Love Tune

  • "Tune has completely changed my relationship with my partner, my relationship with my kids, I feel like I am a different person - I'm finally me"
    — Nadine Castle
  • "I'm a data scientist and was skeptical the first time I tuned, but the experience blew my mind. I tune as often as I can now."
    — Albert Russo
  • "I work in finance and I'm always on. Tune was the first time I can remember where my mind wasn't racing a million miles an hour."
    — Jamila Ali
  • "Tune makes me a better person, period. I wish the pods were everywhere. This technology is the future!"
    — J. Grey

How Tune

The Tune Beds are wired with technology that sends infrasonic waves into the body, producing a gentle humming sensation in the body.

The vibrations are created to allow the body to reach a state of relaxation and recovery. Though we have several Tune frequency sets and continue to produce more, the basis of all our vibrations achieve a these base 4 objectives:

Depending on which session you attend, there will be other added objectives including balancing the cerebral spinal fluid, clearing the adrenals, clearing the pineal gland and balancing the meridian points.

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Are we saying that there’s a frequency for happiness?

Yes — there are many.
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