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The human body generates mechanical vibrations at very low frequencies, called infrasonic waves. Such low-frequency vibrations are produced by physiological processes—heartbeats, respiratory movements, blood flow in vessels, and other processes. Different organs of the human body produce different resonance frequencies. Taken altogether, you can view the human body as a bundle of different vibrations.

When these vibrations are disrupted, the body and mind become sluggish. This is a normal biological reaction to being out-of-sync with natural physiological processes. This issue is, the longer the body stays in this state, the harder it is to reverse.

Medical sound healing rapidly realigns the system to its optimal state by exposing the body to healthy frequencies. When your body is aligned, stress is naturally deflected from the system and you enter a state of flow. When the body and mind are in flow, life can be experienced at its peak; you can love deeper, laugh harder and create from your fullest potential.

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